Chemical, Physical & Analytical Testing

Donnington Laboratories offers a range of physical testing and analytical testing services at our UK laboratory. Commonly requested physical tests include:

  • Colour, odour & appearance (subjective assessment)
  • pH
  • Conductivity
  • Viscosity
  • Specific gravity
  • Refractive index
  • Melting/slip point
  • Colour (Gardner/Hazen)
  • Loss on drying/total solids

“Wet” chemical determinations include:

  • Acid value
  • Saponification value
  • Iodine value
  • Peroxide value

Instrumental analysis

We also offer analysis by GC, headspace GC and HPLC. Typical gas chromatographic analyses include fragrance/essential oil fingerprinting for QC purposes and the quantitative determination of ethanol and propan-2-ol. HPLC analyses include, for example, sunscreen and preservative determination.

In many cases, if we are unable to meet your requirements ourselves, we can commission the necessary analyses with an accredited third party laboratory on our client’s behalf. For example, we outsource flash point and heavy metal determinations to external specialist laboratories.


Physical Testing

TestTurnaround (days)Min sample requirementPrice/sample*
Colour, odour & appearance (subjective assessment)10 £10
pH/conductivity1025 – 30ml/g£10
Specific gravity10100ml/g£20
Refractive Index1020 – 25ml/g£20
Melting Point1020 – 25g£20
Colour (Gardner/Hazen)1020 – 25ml/g£20
Loss on drying/total solids1020 – 25g£25
* based upon the submission of a single sample. Discounts are available for submissions comprising multiple samples for the same tests. Contact us for a quotation.

Chemical testing

TestTurnaround (days)Min sample requirementPrice/sample*
Acid value1050g£25
Saponification value1050g£30
Iodine value1050g£30
Peroxide value1050g£30
Free fatty acid value1050g£25
Free fatty acid profile1050g£80
* based upon the submission of a single sample. Contact us for a quotation.

Analytical testing

TestTurnaround (days)Min sample requirementPrice/sample*
Analysis by GCTarget 1050gPOA
Analysis by HPLCTarget 1050gPOA
* Prices depend on the nature of the analysis required and number of samples requiring analysis.

All prices exclude VAT. Contact us for a quotation.